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A Very Merry Christmas Newsletter

Dear All,

Firstly I would like to thank everyone this term for your continued support for Janis Anderson School of Dancing.

Since September we all have been dancing our socks off.

I am so delighted with each and everyone of my students and for all the things we have achieved together this Autumn Term.

Let's have a look at what we have been up to............


One hundred and twenty six students took there Imperial Classical Ballet and Modern Theatre examinations Primary to Grade 6 this term, to which I am so happy to inform you each and everyone has passed WAHOOOOOOOOOOO!

All examination results are now in, I will be making some videos to send out to you all via the blog on Christmas eve, as an extra little present from me for everyone.

I still do not have exact marks but I have your grade so, this will defiantly keep us all going till I see you in January, with your reports and certificates.

I am so incredibly proud with this years examination success, we achieved together;

32 Distinctions

76 Merits

18 Pass

That is a truly wonderful outcome after the most challenging of times for us all. Most of the learning and training for these examinations was on Zoom in our Kitchens, bedroom and small spaces! So this has proven that we can achieve great things together, even in the most unusual of times.

Congratulations to each and everyone!!!


I have now opened bookings for next term,

Our school opens 10th January 2022 if anything changes due to any new Covid restrictions I will inform you of our plan to return safely. You all know I will be ready with bells on to meet you all for our new term!

New Students are welcome this term!

Please don't forget to use our Discount code Spring2022 if you attend more than 1 class.

Please see new timetable for your class times, there has been some amendments.

We have some new classes available this term;

Monday Primary Modern Class at Frodsham

Tuesday Primary Modern Class at Tarvin

Don't forget our NEW Acro Dance classes Monday and Saturdays

Musical Theatre Classes are also Available

New Adult Modern Dance class Thursday Evenings at Ashton Hayes

Watch this space for a New Adult Tap Beginners class (please let me know if your interested I have a few on waiting list and hope to get this started in January)


In amongst the Exam madness my Adult Tappers, tippy tapped there socks off for Children in Needs 2021 Tapathon raising £200.00.

We had such a lovely hour of tapping fun and giggles (some wine too!!!) and everyone dazzled me in Pink for such an fab charity!

Well Done ladies you were AMAZING!!!!!


Just a little congratulations to a few students who are developing there Dance and performance to the next level and I would like to celebrate there achievements.

GM has beamed his way in to Royal Ballets Junior Associates and Hammond School Associates too. He is a truly vivacious, artistic and creative you man I will hope that one day, I will be in the theatre watching him perform, CONGRATULATIONS!

Two students are also looking to take there Musical Theatre, Dance and Drama further for their A'Level studies TC and MA have both gained a place in LMA and are also continuing to Audition so lets watch this space........ well done you two!


As we go into next term, I am sure you will have heard there is a show looming, as things have been so unclear we have decided to look at some later dates, we are meeting with the Hammond school early January and hope to have some firm dates for you all very soon.

Much more information will follow, but I know this will be an amazing experience for everyone involved at to be back on the stage performing, I CAN"T WAIT!!!!!!


A very Merry Christmas to all the Janis Anderson School Dancers and their Families, I would like to wish you a very lovely holiday time together.

I am so looking forward to spending some time with my little family too.

Can't wait to see everyone back in class for a very exciting preparation term for Show and introduction of new Grade work for so many.

I hope you all stay well and safe leading into our New Year,

Much Love everyone

Jennie x

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