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Modern Examination Update

Dear Parents of Modern Examination Students,

As you are aware from my last mail, there are a few students at our Tarvin Ballet school that have tested positive for Covid 19.

Therefore, we are going to up our precautions for tomorrows and Fridays examinations.

Please could you make sure your child is feeling well and if they have any symptoms please lateral flow test and follow NHS guidance.

As the Modern exams students are in 3's and 4's this makes the waiting room crowded and busy, could I ask that you drop your children dressed and ready to go at the studio door entrance 20 mins before their examination. We will get them ready, hair done and warmed up and make sure you get chance to give them a cuddle and a quick photo before they go into their examinations.

Please if you can wait in your cars as soon as they come out you can pick them straight up via the studio door.

We will all be wearing masks as I feel this is the safest way to go forward and continue with our Examinations over the next fews days.

I have a PCR test booked for tomorrow also as a precaution, I am showing no signs or symptoms as soon as results come back I will let you know but hope that this will not affect the session.

Please contact me if you need any further information.

Much Love

Jennie x

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