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Saturday School Christmas Schedule

Dear Parents of Saturday school children,

With the lead up to Christmas and all the events that we are involved in please see below for changes in class time etc....

12th November - normal class times

19th November - normal class times

26th November - Frodsham Christmas Festival see below changes

9-10am All Saturday AcroDance students rehersal

10-11am Grade 3/4 Modern Students rehearsal

11-12am Grade 3 Ballet class normal

12pm school closes and we will meet all students involved in Christmas Festival at 2.30pm Frodsham Leisure Centre.

All singing lessons will be as normal.

3rd December - Normal classes

Apart from Musical Theatre school as we will be performing at Kelsall Christmas Tree Light Festival. To meet at Kelsall Church for 2.30pm instead of Ashton to perform.

10th December - Last classes of term normal

Many thanks for your support at this busy time,

Much Love

Jennie x

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