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Thank you.......

The dust has now settled

And our tear ducts are dry

Your dance school did you proud

Your four granddaughters, on stage they did fly

The show was box office

Your story pulled at our heart

Your students lit up the Hammond

Where your vision did start

Lead from the front with your passion

By your girl to the root

Watched over from the wings by her dad

Your Scottish Knight, looking dapper in his suit

Your Blue eyes was her wingman

There to keep away any qualms

Your Anderson’s and Donnachie’s

All mucking in, to keep backstage so calm

Youngsters Tom and Mia

They stole the show

But your mantra of, Dancing for all lives on

If you know, you know

So looking up to the heavens

We still Stand sure, we do, we do

And from all of our hearts

Thankyou, Thankyou


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