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Exam Info, Uniform, Saturday School Information

Dear Parents,

Hope everyone is happy practicing at home,

I have seen a massive change in the children dancing this week, I'm sure you will agree!!!! It is now the last push so please keep the practicing going!

Please find below some Information for you.

Students are asked to come a good 25mins before the examination time stated on the timetable so I can do their hair and warm up before exam.

Uniform needed;



Ballet socks Primary and Grade 1

Ballet tights Grade 2 upwards

Pink ballet shoes elastics Primary and Grade 1, Ribbons Grade 2 upwards

Pointe shoes Grade 6

Hair net (colour of hair)

Hair pins/grips

Strong bobble

Hair Band if student has a fringe

Hair Spray

Don't forget wands, baskets, books for dances please

I have some ribbons for sale on Friday and Sunday £1. I will show you where to sew them on. Please leave this to the last possible time, many thanks


Leotards Leggings Primary, Grade 1, 5, 6

Blue Catsuits Grade 2,3,4

2 strong bobbles

Hair Spray

School Lessons / Exam lesson changes

I will be examining all day Friday 3rd Feb till 7pm therefore new class time

Grade 3 Ballet 7.30pm

Grade 4 Ballet 8.15pm (sorry it's so late) I will make sure I finish by 9pm.

Saturday Replacement Classes for Grade 3/4 Ballet

Sunday 5th Feb

Grade 3 4-5pm

Grade 4 5-6pm

Grade 5 6-7pm

Grade 6 7-8pm

Saturday School Information

All Saturday classes will be off 4th Feb and 11th Feb Due To Examinations!

I opened early 6th January and we will run through half term as replacement for the two weeks missed for examinations.

This does not affect singing lessons on days we have booked in. Please tell students coming for singing on these days to enter the hall silently and go straight to lesson, many thanks.

Please if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me

I am really looking forward to a great exam session 2023,

Much love

Jennie x

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