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Wowsers what and incredible weekend

Dear All,

Just a little note from me to say how incredible everyone was over the weekend. I was blown away by each and every student. Their behaviour was impeccable and all the helpers said what beautiful students they are and I am combusting with pride on the standard of the show we achieved.

They did me so so proud and everything I asked of them was done, what an amazing group of people.

Everywhere I went, students were helping each other, having fun, everyone was able to express themselves and shine on the stage. I heard laughing and happiness that filled the grange theatre, everything I'd hope and an amazing example of the Janis Anderson Ethos, Mum would have been so proud.

I will be over the next week working out how much we are sending off to Ovarian Cancer Charity from the Raffle, Programmes and Posters. I will be putting together some pictures for you all to look at and generally wrapping up the show. I have a box of lost property that I will bring to each lesson next week if you're are missing anything, it's probably in there.

Again, I must send a heartfelt thank you to you all for your continued support and help to make this amazing experience for the students happen.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone next week and celebrating the show with you all.


Jennie x

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Hi Jennie. The show was incredible. What a personal achievement.

To have written the story, created the choreography, guided and supported us to learn all the steps, choose the music and costumes, design the posters, organise support staff, spend time with the lighting and technical staff, keep all the children safe and well and to keep smiling is a true accomplishment.

The Grange Theatre was a pleasure to be in. The show brought us all closer together and the camaraderie was wonderful.

It has helped me to grow as a person. I’d never choose to be on stage, I am much better with a clip board behind the scenes, but I managed to always be where I was meant t…


It was a fantastic show, and an amazing experience for all the performers. Thank you so much Jennie for all the energy you give to putting such a large scale show on for us all to enjoy. xxx

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