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Christmas Festival is nearly here....

Dear All,

We are all super excited about the festival tomorrow!!!

Can't wait to see everyone,

We will be performing at Frodsham Leisure Centre at 2.50 - 3.30pm

We will meet at 2.30pm outside the leisure and then I can take the children and we can get set up on mass.

Please come in costume ready to go.

Below is the order of dances for the students who need to have a costume change

AcroDance Inters

Primary Ballet (don't forget your boxes)

Grade 3 Modern

Grade 1 Ballet

Primary Modern

AcroDance Inters 9am

Grade 4 Modern

AcroDance Juniors

Grade 1 Modern

Grade 2 Ballet

All Bows

For students involved in the Parade please meet at the Model Shop by Eddisbury Square at 5pm I have your costumes but please wear something warm and black, doing forget your gloves and cheeky elf smiles!

We will walk back to the square after there performance to meet you families!

Saturday classes tomorrow

9-10am All Saturday AcroDance students rehersal

10-11am Grade 3/4 Modern Students rehearsal

11-12am Grade 3 Ballet class normal

Can't wait to see you all there,

Much Love

Jennie x

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