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Getting Back to Dance

Dear all,

Thank you so much for all your love and messages you have spent time sending with your thoughts and memories of Mum.

These have really helped us all, some made us cry and others made us smile too in our complete sadness we Thank You.

We laid Mum to rest last Thursday on World Ballet Day which seemed fitting and perfect for her, she was surrounded by her closest family and friends and I know you were all thinking of her too.

Now, we are going to pull our strength together for her and get back to DANCE!!!!!!

After the announcement on Saturday night and guidance still coming through I am going to put in place a skeleton plan for us all.

Monday 9th November 2020 I will re-open our school on the platform Zoom.

Your classes will be scheduled exactly as our current timetable.

As soon as we can open back in the community we will, the hope is to have 3 weeks on Zoom and 3 weeks back in the studio, we will keep our fingers crossed that this plan to happen.

Our school will now close 19th December 2020 for Christmas Holidays

I have been working on the Zoom platform the whole of the summer and have seen great and positive outcomes especially to keep our children healthy mentally and physically too, although I know it's not ideal I feel this is so much better than closing the school down and our students not enjoying dance at all until the New Year.

I intend to start work straight away on a Christmas project a little like The Just Sing Project we did in the summer holidays.

More details to follow for Zoom links etc

The Just sing project also seems very fitting to be aired at this time, to give us a smile and say thank you to the NHS staff for looking after Mum so beautifully and respectfully. She had such amazing care for 2 years whilst battling Ovarian Cancer so hard, also Dad, Jamie my Big Brother and Myself will be for ever indebted to the nurses and Doctors at Clatterbridge Hospital, Liverpool Women's Hospital and Ward 41 at the Countess of Chester Hospital where mum spent her last week, they will forever have a place in our hearts.

You, our School parents and students and past students alike Mum asked me to let everyone know she loved them very much. I'm sure if we cut our mum in half she would be half Janis Donnachie Wife, Mum, Grandma, Sister, Auntie, Friend the other half Janis Anderson, Teacher, Dancer, Carer, Inspirer and I know she held you all, from our littlest to our oldest so close in her heart so from her....

"I love you......"

I can not wait to see all your smiling faces back in my life again and I have some fun exciting dances planned to cheer us all up leading to christmas!

See you all next week

Love, Jennie x

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3 comentarios

Oh wow Jennie, the Just Sing video is fantastic. Your Mum would be so proud of you and all your students for the effort put into the making of it. Well done on another amazing achievement. The girls can’t wait to see you on Zoom soon 💕.

Me gusta

Thank you for continued sending of information.G XxX

Me gusta

Absolutely amazing! They are a testament to your mum and your passion for dance❤ its infectious! Xxx

Me gusta
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