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Following the announcement on 9th September regarding the number of people attending a social gathering being reduced to 6, the following guidance was published on the evening of 9thSeptember; Dance schools are in the exempt section.

This link includes a list of exemptions item 2.10

Included in the list of exemptions are organised indoor and outdoor sports, physical activity and exercise classes and there is a link to:

Dance Studios are listed under the exercise allowed under the gyms and leisure centre guidance

Dance schools must ensure their risk assessment and covid-secure policies are strictly followed.

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I wish everyone in the world to be safe, but some of the things the government come up with are ridiculous. There is mention of 60 years olds having to stay in, I have to say I will not be staying at home I shall be walking in the countryside. Anyway, rant over, thank goodness we can still dance with you Jen. These changes must be blowing your mind.

Love to everyone, Sue x


Thank goodness for that!💜💜 xx

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