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Happy 50th Birthday JADance School!

Amazing first week back and all went to plan,

I am so super proud of all my students who adapted so quickly! I am so happy to be back teaching in a studio YEHHHHHHHHHHH.

Walking into all the halls last week I almost combusted with pride of this outstanding achievement of my mums, and running her dance school, that has filled so many children and adults with love and joy of dance for 50 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It truly is an honour to continue in her footsteps, and keep teaching Dance and Drama with the same ethos, that dance really is for ALL! Old, young whatever ability you have, you can still achieve and shine in our eyes here at Janis Anderson School of Dancing.


Please let us know any of your memories of Janis Anderson School of Dancing, when you attended or if your are still attending, anything you remember about your time dancing with us! I am putting together a walk down memory lane and your comments would add to this wonderful achievement.

Here's a little video of last weeks lessons to see us in action!

Lots of Love to you all,

Keep Smiling and Dancing always

Jennie xxxxxx

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