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Happy First Day

Dear All,

Just wishing all my lovely JADance Students a very lovely first day back to school!!!

A special Good luck to the new Reception, new high school starters and the Collage/Uni crew too!

I'm starting to get super dooper excited about our up and coming term!

There will be a few mails coming out tomorrow & Wednesday with details of some new exciting events happening, I'm currently going through lots of mails and hope to get everyone enrolled in time for next weeks opening of classes!

Please if you don't mind me asking, if you could spread the word for our pre-school classes. We are opening the books for the first time since the pandemic kin Frodsham and Tarvin Community Centres 3.30pm.

I really need your help to let people know that I am back open from Pre-School Budding Ballerinas/Dancers!!!

Many thanks Everyone,

See you all very soon

With Love

Jennie x

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