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Happy New Year Everyone x

Dear All,

Happy New Year to you all, I hope you have had a magical Christmas and here's to a happy and healthy New Year. We have all had, in our house the best of times and we are ready and raring to go for 2023!

I am just sat thinking about 2022 and what an amazing year we had!!!!!!!

We put on a spectacular show, to which we all had the best of weekends, we tapped our socks off for Children in need Tapathon, we performed out and about sharing what we do best....... Dancing and BIG smiles! I hope everyone is very proud of their achievements here at JADance School I know I am combusting with pride!

I can not believe we are in a brand new year and there are sooooo many exciting challenges ahead of us all starting straight away with our up and coming Exam Session.

Our School opens Saturday 7th January 2023 but exam classes are scheduled for Thursday 5th January Grade 5/6 Ballet and Modern, Friday 6th January Grade 3/4 Exam Classes, Saturday 7th January normal classes and Sunday 8th January Exam classes for Primary, Grace 1,2,5 & 6.

Below is the time tables for these classes


Grade 3 Modern 4.00pm

Grade 3 Ballet 4.45pm

Grade 4 Modern 5.30pm

Grade 4 Ballet 6.15pm


Primary Modern 1.00pm

Primary Ballet 1.30pm

Grade 1 Modern 2.00pm

Grade 1 Ballet 2.30pm

Grade 2 Modern 3.00pm

Grade 2 Ballet. 3.30pm

Grade 5 Ballet 4.00pm

Grade 5 Modern 5.00pm

Grade 6 Ballet 6.00pm

Grade 6 Modern 7.00pm

Quick reminder Parents are invited to stay each week to watch development and enjoy your child’s development.

I am sure all the students will set there minds to these examinations and get practicing like crazy so we can blow the examiners socks off! I will be sending a blog out with some useful links for practicing at home.

I have opened the registers now for enrolment for Spring Term our discount code for multi classes is Spring2023 please apply this as I can not do it after you have paid.

I really look forward to seeing everyone back in class,

Much Love

Jennie x

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