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"IF STORMS SHOULD COME.......................

.................... then we shall just DANCE IN THE RAIN"

What an amazing summer of dancing by you all.

Both Miss Anderson and myself were both determined that nothing was going to stop our Dancers from loving dancing, singing and acting our socks off!

This weekend I have had the chance to reflect on what can only be described as, quite possible the strangest, and most challenging few months of being a Business owner/ Dance teacher.

I have had the opportunity to look back on the last 23 weeks, YES, 23 WEEKS, and can not believe just how much we have all achieved together

Almost 2000 hours of teaching online

More than 30 Video tutorials

268 Zoom Lessons (96 of these we danced our socks off for charity)

1 Charity Movie Produced (hope you enjoy x)

£1310.00 Donated to NSPCC Childline Charity

The above total was helped by a JADance Student - Izzy G with the incredible donation of £100.00 from making amazing Face masks for her friends and Family and those kind parents and students who contributed amazing donations.

Our JADance Students training have amazingly turned their lounges, kitchens, and bathrooms into dance studios, with some even dancing in Tents, caravans and holiday homes, and would you believe it, some also dancing from all over the world as far reaching as Rhodes and Greece.

I read this list and almost combust with pride, that we have achieved such amazing things, and we should all be so exceptionally proud of these achievements, and I feel it says so much about our JADance school students who attended these classes and that dance, plays an integral role in our mental well being and physical bodies. I feel very privileged to have helped so many children and adults in my little way to get through these strange times!

I have been overwhelmed by so many parents and students messages, and I feel so blessed to have made a difference for so many, Thank you for the love and support!

Now, it's time to use the next few weeks to get our JADance School back up and running, Safely and back into the studio

I am opening our school Monday 14th September 2020, and there will be some timetable changes and also a new way of enrolling and paying for our classes through our website

I am planning to have an open Zoom meetings for parents and students to join me, to explain changes, and what we have put in place to make coming back to JADance School as safe as we possibly can.

Unfortunately, following government guidance there will only be limited places for all classes, and the only fair way of making this happen is for you to enrol online for lessons. Those who have not booked into lessons will not be able to attend.


If you are not already a member of JADance School, please go to the website and Register you will get every email straight to you inbox, with all the most up to date information you will need to get you or your child back to dancing!!! YEHHHHH!

I have really missed seeing everyone over these last few months, but I have actually grown to love teaching on Zoom. Seeing the littles in their own setting and there smiling faces right through to the teens working so hard, with some students attending every class they possibly could, even pushing to higher grades and also Adult classes which has totally blown my socks off. All my adults keeping fit and braving the trials of technology, also I have even seen ex students back in class too which always gives me the proudest smile! I think that I will always try to fit a Zoom class in from now on for members of our JADance family that do not live close enough to attend classes.

It has been a real learning curve for all of us, and now we are entering another phase of uncertainty but I will be making every possible adjustment for my students and their families to keep everyone safe.

Please keep an eye out on your emails and FB page for further details this week as I will try and get everything up and running asap.

Sending you all my love

Can not wait to see everyone


JADance School

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Hi Jen, you are totally amazing, your commitment to the dance school and to all of us is stunning. Thank you for all that you do 💛🌼💛


Jo Stacey
Jo Stacey
Aug 24, 2020

Jen, thanks so much for keeping going on zoom, it has really helped me keep body and mind fit through these different times. Can't wait to join back in next term x

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