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*Important Modern Examination Information*

Dear Parents & Students,

I am sorry to let you all know that we are going to have to postpone our Modern Examinations scheduled for tomorrow and Friday. The ISTD had said they are unable to send an examiner out to us as there has been a significant outbreak of positive Covid 19 cases within our school.

I'm sure you can imagine I am so upset by this. My PCR test is not until tomorrow so I won't receive my results for a little while yet. I feel I can not put the children and their families of my dance school at any unnecessary risk. One option was to do the exams remotely but it would have meant me standing in for the examiner which I feel only adds to the risk at this time of so many unknowns. I have decided rescheduling is the safest option for everyone at this time.

Once I have a clear idea of my situation (hopefully on Friday), we will set about getting a new date in the diary for an examiner to attend and the examinations department thought this could be possible before our Christmas break (fingers crossed).

We have always tried to make the examination day an experience, encouraging young people to be confident and secure in front of an examiner so we will achieve this goal. This Covid world for the first time has touched our school but we will stay strong and when the time is right I know our students will perform there socks off and get through there examinations with flying colours!

I will send the children a video message via the blog tomorrow hopefully cheer them up and make them smile!

Stay safe everyone and as always thank you all for your support.

Much Love

Jennie x

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Jo Stacey
Jo Stacey
Nov 25, 2021

Jennie, thank you so much for the update, such a difficult situation for you. I completely understand…. And it gives us a little more practise 😀

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