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It's Filming Week....

Dear All,

I am so happy today to let you all know I'm out of self isolation and really looking forwards to an exciting filming week for our Spaces Two Challenge.

Due to the uncertainty of our English weather and this week looking not great (I will be doing a sun dance every day!!!!!). I am going to take each day at a time and if the wether looks really wet again I will send you a message via the blog and we will continue to rehearse and start the Spaces Three challenge and film the next week.

I will enter the students in the July Session for Spaces Two & Three Challenges.

This will give everyone who has not had chance to enrol for Spaces Two the new DEADLINE Friday 25th June 2021 after that date all videos will be sent to the ISTD and I will not be able to enter anymore students for that session.

Enrolment for Spaces 3 challenge will from 28th June - 10th July 2021.

Please can you make sure each student is in correct uniform every week with hair neat and tidy in ponytails please ready for filming.

Monday Frodsham and Tuesday Tarvin School we will be filming in the grounds of the community centres. Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday Schools venue details to follow as some will be filmed at the Village Hall and some out on location.

Many thanks for your support and I'm sure the students will be so excited to be filming outside this week, I can't wait!!!!

Kindest Regards


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