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Miss Anderson

Dear All our students past and present,

It is with a broken heart I am writing to let you all know that my beautiful mum and our amazing school's principal Miss Anderson passed away last Sunday evening.

I know she ment so so much to so so many of you and this news will come as a great shock to you all.

This incredible lady founded our school over 50 years ago and gave the gift of dance to so many thousands and thousands of girls and boys in our local area. It is testament to her that her dance school dream of "Dance is for all" lives on today and forever more.

We are still coming to terms with our massive loss, so if I could please ask you to respect our families privacy during the extremely difficult time.

We appreciate Miss Anderson touched so many of your lives and if you would like to leave a message/thoughts please do so on our blog below. We intend to make a book of condolences with all your messages.

Due to Covid restrictions it is only family that can attend mums funeral. It seems fitting and meant to be that on World ballet day 29th October 2020 we will lay her to rest and dance with the angels forever. So please sit and watch ballet all day with a smile and remember her love and strength.

Sending you all much love from a saddened heart

Jennie x

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