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Musical Theatre Drama Script

The Mysterious Package

2 Siblings at home when the door bell dings a mysterious package has been delivered and it has their names on.....

Setting The Scene

Set yourself up with one person reading (actor 1) and the other working on the kitchen table (actor 2). Add more if you need to or you can do this by yourself if needs be.

Actor 1 - What time is it?

Actor 2 - It’s only 10.30 and I am desperate to finish my book to see what happens, hope it doesn’t end on a cliff hanger???

1 - You are such a book worm, you know that

2- Mum says it’s good for my English

1 - SWAT

2 - Whatever! What are you doing anyway?

Door bell rings (sound effect

Actor 2 goes to the door and comes back with a parcel

2 - Look at this, it’s got our names on it….

1 - let’s open it.

Your task now is to think of what’s inside the package and finish the script make it as interesting as you can.

It could be magical, it could have a map inside, it may even be a present whatever it is go wild with your imagination!

If you can act it out that would be amazing but if you want to just send the script we can get Scarlett and Poppy to act it out for you, please sent it to me via WhatsApp 07734853336 or email me

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