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No classes this week....

Dear All,

Covid has hit the Tucker household, we have been untouched and very lucky so far but yesterday Scarlett was positive and today I have tested positive too.

So please all students who were in classes on Saturday with myself and Scarlett be aware and test straight away if any covid19 symptoms.

I really hope you will all stay well!

I have attached some videos of classes for you all to enjoy this week, I know this is not the same but better you keep yourselves fit and ready to get back after half term.

I hope everyone has a lovely half term holidays and we are all fit and well to get back to show preparations.

This week I will be using my time sadly not in class, but putting together lots of information for you all about our up and coming show. so keep you eyes out for lots of information to follow!

Very exciting times ahead.....

Many thanks for your understanding

Mush Love

Jennie x

Littlies Ballet (Pre-School)

Junior Modern

Junior Ballet

Junior/Inters Modern Warm up

Junior Modern

Inters Ballet

Inters Modern (don't forget to do the warm-up in the blog earlier)

Seniors / Adult Ballet


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Hope symptoms stay mild for you all. Take care. x


Oh no hope you are not too rough 😧

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