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NWCR Gala Sunday 12th May

Dear Parents,

Just a little message with details of this Sundays Gala times etc....

We will be performing excerpts from the show with a small selection of students from Saturday Ashton Dance School and a few students from Tarvin Dance School all students have been asked.

We will meet at 12.45pm - 2pm at Kelsall Primary School and perform after the Rose Queen Celebration.

Students need to wear their Janis Anderson Uniform, hair up in ponytail and bring their costumes from the show and I will let them know who will wear which one!

In tomorrow's lessons we will confirm costume but monkeys, fish, spice girls please bring your costumes.

There is lots of stalls and exciting things to do, so should be a lovely day, fingers crossed for the sun to shine on us.

Looking forward to seeing everyone performing again,

Kindest Regads


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