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Show/School Information, Costumes, Times, Rehearsals!

Dear All,

Hope everyone has been able to access the tickets successfully,

Matinee performances please just book your tickets (no need to allocate a space for JADancer as we have made it General Admission but please save them a space by you on the day)

As we have opened it to 4 shows please promote our show to friends and family as we would like to have 4 full houses for the students to get the chance to feel that amazing full theatre feeling.

We are closing the School this evening for Easter weekend and the end of this super busy Spring Term.

School Re-opens Monday 8th April and then it will be the BIG count down to the show! Please make sure you have enrolled online for Sumer Term.

All rehearsals for our Junior School Flamingos, Pandas, Fish, & Dinosaurs are in their normal lessons. No extra rehearsals and I've seen all the costumes now so please save them till the show.

Costume Extras Junior School

Flamingos (waiting on head dress) - Pink tights and ballet shoes

Pandas - Frodsham pom poms ordered and will need sewing to hood, white leggings/tights and ballet shoes/Bare feet - please if you can paint on a black nose that would be perfect

Fish (waiting on head dress) - Pink tights and ballet shoes

Dinosaurs - Pink tights and ballet shoes

Arrival Times Junior School

Please arrive in full costume and make up, no earlier than 45 mins before the show is due to start.

Hair and Make-up For All students - only different if I have specified

Here are the details;


Blue eyeshadow


Red Lippy

Bit of sparkle is always needed x


Step 1 - Split into 3 sections put back section into ponytail

Step 2 - Twist the side sections downwards to the top of the ear and hold them tight whilst you do a bun

Step 3 - Fasten the twists underneath the bun

Step 4 - net over bun, lots of grips to hold in place and spray

Happy hair and make-up xxxx

Costume Extras Main Cast

Frodsham - Monday

Grade 2 Modern - Charlie Chaplin Costume (re-ordered fingers crossed) bare feet - I have hats and canes

Acro - Aliens - Just costume (waiting to arrive)

Tarvin - Tuesday

Grade 2 Modern - Spice girls costumes (some items have not arrived be here before the show, fingers crossed)

Grade 2 Ballet - Pink tights and ballet shoes and hair in 2 buns like ears

Ashton - Wednesdays

Junior Musical Theatre - Big Blue World Show T-shirt + Black Leggings

Grade Grade 5 Ballet - Scientists Pink tights and ballet shoes

Grade 6 Modern - Art/Flintstones - Costume

Grade 6 Ballet - Famous Dancers - Pink tights and ballet shoes


Ashton - Thursdays 

Grade 4 Ballet - Agatha Christie Costume Added extras gloves, coat, hat, box, bag etc Pink tights and ballet shoes

Musical Theatre Seniors -  Fishnets, heels.

Acro Seniors - Space - just costume

Pointe - Florence Nightingale Costume - Pink tights and pointe shoes

Adult Ballet - Alan Turing Costume - Pink tights and ballet shoes

Adult Modern - Industrial Revolution Costume - hat

Ashton School - Saturday 

Acro Inters 1 - Mummies - just costume

Grade 4 Modern - Romans - just costume

Grade 3 Ballet - Suffragettes - Pink tights and ballet shoes

Acro Inters - Egyptians £20 just

Grade 5 Modern - Brothers Costume - black leggings, dads shirt and leather jackets

Musical Theatre Inters - Cast / Rosa Parks - Dress, Fur coat, hat

Arrival Times Main Cast

Sunday 14th April - All Day Rehearsal 11am - 5pm

Friday 19th April - Dress Rehearsal 6.30pm - 9.30pm

Saturday 20th April - Show Day Drop off 1pm Pick up 9.30pm

Sunday 21st April - Show Day Drop off 11am Pick up 6.30pm

Please make sure your child has enough food and drinks to keep them going for the weekend and Rehearsals.

I hope we are going to have an incredible weekend, if there is anything additional you can think I might need to let me know please let me know as soon as possible.

I'm sure there will be something I have missed - there always is, but for now hope this helps in organising your weekend.

Can't wait......

I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter and look forward to seeing you all at the show.

Much Love


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Thanks for the info! Looking forward to it. Any steer on where we would buy a big blue world tshirt?x


Thanks for all of the info Jen and love the Easter ballet image x

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