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Spaces Challenge 2

Dear Parents,

I am sure you have been told over the last few weeks we are working on our spaces challenge 2 which is to take dance outside.

I have been holding off till the last min to message you as the wether has been so unpredictable and mostly really wet which poses BIG challenges when we are trying to film pieces outside.

So, I have made the decision to film all our pieces after half term and hope that the wether man gets the right forecast that June is going to be beautifully sunny.

I will be sending out dates and venues over half term once I have chance to re-arrange these. We will enter all students into the June/July session.

In the mean time you can register for Spaces 2 online now;

Please enter by Monday 7th June 2021.

I intend to start work on Space 3 straight after the half term break to complete the challenge by the summer holidays.

Just a reminder it is ok to enter the challenge if you haven't done Spaces Challenge One. You can still gain badges for 2 and 3 and an overall mark for the challenges you have successfully passed.

This is a great way to keep our JADance Students focused and working towards a goal and most of all the feeling of achievement and excitement too.

Fingers crossed for some better weather so we can get outside and filming our lovely pieces.

More details to follow over half term......

Kindest Regards and I hope everyone has a lovely half term week,

Love Jennie x

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Great, she’ll be pleased she won’t miss it x

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