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Spaces Challenge 3 & Info...

Dear all,

If you or your child would like to finish the challenge you can book now for Challenge 3.

We are working very hard in class with our props and I will be filming the last challenge in everyones last classes before we break for Summer.

Just a little heads up....

Exams booked for early November 21 dates and details to follow.

Show planning underway (Spring Term 2022) for rehearsals to start straight after exam session November 21.

Only 6 spaces left (2 for Into The woods, 4 Aladdin) for Summer Schools please book quick if you would like a place.

There will be a revised timetable coming soon, and some new exciting classes that will start September 21.

It's all go....

Hope everyone has a lovely week and stays well

Love Jennie x

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