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Summer Term starts TOMORROW!!!!

Dear All,

School opens tomorrow, Woop!

Please don't forget to book onto your classes, last term there were quite a few students in class who did not register and pay for classes.

Please make sure you have booked and paid otherwise I will not have your child on my register.

If you have still not paid for last term please settle these fees asap.

We are going to be so super busy this term with lead up to showtime, I can not wait to see all the children back on stage, gaining confidence, performance skills and the amazing sense of achievement that shows brings.

Monday Frodsham students important information!

No classes this Friday as planned unfortunately I have to attend a funeral, so please keep your eyes peeled for new Friday date to make up for the Monday Bank holidays, I will get back to you asap as soon as I have sorted this with the community centre.

Show Tickets and Costume information coming your way........

Can't wait to see everyone and hear all the lovely stories about your Easter Holiday fun!

Jennie x

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