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Tapathon 2022 Fun

Dear All,

Yesterday, 36 tappers from our school took part in Tapathon 2022!

We had such a giggle, we danced with huge smiles and our Freddie Moustaches to 'Don't stop me now' at 1pm with dancers all over the uk in aid of Children in Need, although I was told it was very hard to smile with the moustaches on, it made my Sunday seeing so many smiling faces and very happy tapping toes!

Our huge thanks goes to Joanne and her team at The Performers Project for creating and making the Tapathon each year so accessible and always such a great success. Numbers are being counted to see if we have broken a world record but this is always secondary to the main focus of raising monies for Children in Need.

Some students fundraised and we have....... drum roll please so far........


and we sent over £360 to The project too, this has been an amazing achievement from all! WELL DONE EVERYONE x

I have loved teaching everyone the routine and I'm so so proud of each and everyone of you who took part and love sharing our Sundays together for this amazing event!

Hope you enjoy looking at the pics and Video,

Much Love


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1 comentario

Absolutely adored being a part of Tapathon Jen. Loved dancing with all ages and thanks for all your patience teaching us this routine Jen 😍🧡

Me gusta
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