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This Weeks Dancing....

We are going live this week from Tucker Towers 4pm everyday.......


Tuesday - Senior/Adult Class

Wednesday - Little Ones 3-6yrs

Thursday - Juniors 7-10yrs

Friday - Intermediates 11 - 13yrs

We will be using Zoom to share our sessions!

I will be online from 3.30pm to see everyone and class will start at 4pm.

Please download Zoom and join our school on Facebook and I will post the invite link that morning! If you can't access Facebook please email me and I will send you the invite link!


Monday - Word of the Week with Tilly

Tuesday - Story-time

Wednesday - Dance History

Thursday - Musical Theatre Romeo and Juliet task from your lovely teacher SPIDER STEVE XXX

Friday - Last parts of the Modern dances - JADance Hall of Fame - please send me pics or videos of you dancing and you can be in our Friday movie!!!

Please keep using the blogs to practice and keep strengthening and stretching so when we get back to class you will be ready!

Can't wait to see everyone lovely faces in pour live sessions have a safe and healthy week my amazing JADancers xxx

BIG Loves

Jennie xxxx

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