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Tickets and Costumes

Dear All,

Please find below links for Ticket sales and Costumes for our up and coming show.

If you could have your costumes booked no later than 15th May 2022 giving me enough time to order and distribute out and make sure everything fits etc....

Tickets will be for sale right up to the show, I know they go quickly.

Our Saturday Evening Tribute show I am going to open up to the public where family friends and students that mum taught would be invited.

Therefore, if I could ask current families to book for the Sunday 4pm last show I would appreciate this. Obviously, if you can only attend the Saturday evening show that is totally fine.

The Matinee performances remember Frodsham School will perform on the Saturday and Tarvin School on the Sunday.

It's all looking really amazing, this week I have nearly finished choreographing WOOP WOOP!!!! So now the hard work to make it look amazing for you all to come and watch!

Many Thanks for your support,

Jennie x

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