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Week 3 So Far.....

Hi All,

Just a little reminder you can access all the lessons here on the blog if you child or if you have been unable to attend and enjoy dancing in your own time.

The students that have made classes so far have been working so so hard on there technique and syllabus work and have made such great progress, you are all blowing me away and I love seeing lots on Mummy's and Daddies taking time out to enjoy the classes also XXXX

There is a chance we will be able to get back into our halls very soon fingers crossed! Will keep you all updated when we have had confirmation over the next few days!

Much love everyone, stay safe and Thank you all for your continued support

Jennie x

Monday Pre-Primary Ballet

Primary Exam Ballet

Junior Modern

Grade 1 Ballet

Grade 2 Ballet

Tuesday 4.10pm Pre-Primary Ballet

4.50pm Primary Exam Ballet

5.30pm Junior Modern

6.10pm Grade 1 Ballet

6.50pm Grade 2 Ballet

7.45 - 8pm Adult Tappers

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Thank you Jennie x

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