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Zoom meeting

Dear All,

Thank you so so much everyone who attended our school meeting.

I really appreciate your time and hope this has answered most of your questions on how things will look when we get back into class Monday 14th September 20.

Here is the audio from our meeting yesterday for you if you missed our meeting.

I'm still testing our new booking systems we seem to be having some technical issues and really want it to be perfect before we go live.

Many people have messaged today, as soon as I am happy with the booking system, I will post it out to you all straight away, my apologies for the delay.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend,

Kindest Regards,

Jennie x

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Thank you Jennie, really helpful and clear. What a lot of work you have been doing. Can't wait to get them all dancing again :)


Allison Connor
Allison Connor
Sep 05, 2020

Jen . I have what’s ap you x

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